Speaking, Workshops, and Training Programs

Customization is key for the ultimate impact of a learning initiative. Training and learning solutions are tailored based on each organization’s objectives. Experiences can range from an intense day to journeys that mix face-to-face and online components over several months.

Similarly, keynote speeches on different topics – ranging from financial training to how global trends are impacting particular industries – are always customized to the audience.

I’ve taught and delivered keynote speeches in very different settings: large global companies like Shell or Ernst & Young; smaller regional or national audiences; or more focused audiences like the Websummit. Audiences have ranged from 10 to more than 1,000 people. Every experience is unique.

Much of the content is based on my experiences working for top executive education providers. Throughout my years of working in executive education, I have worked hard with organizers (HR directors, CLOs, and leaders of functional teams) to ensure my content aligns to their objectives and content. I want the audience to leave an educational event energized and inspired to take action that creates lasting impact. 

Other recent keynote speeches:

  • Global Economic and Financial Trends
  • Mergers & Acquisitions: Top Executives as Guardians of Value
  • The Challenges and Opportunities of Climate Finance
  • Banking Sector and Fintech: Adapting to the Digital Future
  • Creating Value Through Strategic Finance
  • The Changing Role of the CFO: Business Partnering
  • The Future of Money

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