To succeed in today's volatile business environment, executives need to understand and drive the strategy of their company on the basis of sound financial principles.

Finance for Executives: A Practical Guide for Managers

The book Finance for Executives: A Practical Guide for Managers meets the needs of global executives, both finance as well as non-financial managers. It makes finance simple and intuitive through a perfect balance of financial management theory and practice. It focuses on corporate finance concepts from value creation to derivatives, including cost of capital (and WACC), valuation, financing policies, project evaluation, and many other essential finance definitions.

The practical finance guide for finance and non-finance managers:

  • Real-world examples and mini-case studies illustrate important financial concepts.
  • Demystifies finance principles for managers
  • No jargon, complicated math, and non-standard concepts that do not make intuitive sense!
  • Short chapters ideal for busy executives who are exploring value-added activities. All chapters have Key Learning Points to aid understanding and application.
  • Excel financial modeling tools
  • Content drawn from research and practical interactions with thousands of executives across the world.
  • Recommended by renowned practitioners and academics.

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