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Finance should be fun, and practical as well. With this book at hand as a reference, executives will have access to a set of tools that will help them develop their intuition for solving key financial problems, analyze alternatives in decision making,  and formulate strategies.

This is a book to be used, not a book to be read from beginning to end.

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Each chapter is highly readable, practical, yet rigorous. The self-contained chapters include fundamental concepts, analytical tools, and demonstrations of applications of those tools. Executives can then tailor their reading to the specific circumstances applicable to their company.

Unlike other corporate finance books, this is a book to be used, not a book to be read from beginning to end.

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This book contains empirical evidence, based on real company cases, of the value of financial techniques/tools. In essence, each short chapter is written in a way that allows executives to put the concepts immediately into practice.

Target Audience

Finance for Executives has been designed to meet the needs of executives, both finance as well as non-finance managers. Any executive who wants to probe further and grasp the fundamentals of strategic finance issues will benefit from this book.

Finance for Executives is a book for business executives seeking

  • To focus on the links between finance and the strategy of their company, be it a private or publicly traded company.
  • To discover how to create value for their company and boost its financial performance
  • To understand the key ingredients of long-term value creation
  • To create a cost-of-capital culture within their company
  • To sharpen their skills in corporate finance
  • To refresh and broaden their understanding of the latest financial concepts and tools
  • To learn not just about accounting numbers, but also about sound financial decision making in areas such as financing and payout policies, mergers and acquisitions (M&As), project valuation, or risk management and derivatives
  • To ultimately make better decisions

This book can also be used in executive training programs in finance, as well as in MBA, master’s, and executive MBA programs.  Indeed, the book is based on many years of teaching and consulting with world-class corporations from all continents of the world. See the educators section.

Excel Templates

A spreadsheet containing all the Excel financial models used in the different chapters is available for download from the book’s website. Practitioners will find the file easy to customize to their own requirements. These Excel financial models are useful in a variety of situations: value creation and its decomposition into managerial drivers or key performance indicators (KPIs), Return on Capital (Return on invested capital, return on capital employed, ROIC, ROCE), cost of capital (cost of equity, cost of debt, and weighted average cost of capital - WACC) estimation, project evaluation, mergers and acquisitions, company valuation, derivatives valuation, etc.

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