Educators – Reasons to Adopt

Finance for Executives book is ideal for executive education programs, and EMBA courses.

Target Audience

Finance for Executives is a book recommended for use in:

  • Finance programs for non-financial managers.
  • Executive training programs in finance for different audiences (ranging from CFOs to non-financial executives).
  • Training programs for financial audiences, where the focus of the program is on the links between finance and strategy.
  • MBA (or Executive MBA) courses in Finance with somewhat experienced audiences (who value practical insights).

Data Updates

When dealing with executive audiences, showing current data is a must. Finance for Executives includes updated data. Adopting instructors will receive, on a quarterly basis, updated PowerPoint slides with recent market data, including interest rates, cost of capital (corporate bond spreads, CDS, betas), leverage ratios of different companies around the world, stock market returns, PERs of countries and companies, payout ratios, etc. This will provide instructors with up-to-date material to show in their classes.

Registering for the Educators Learning Center

Fill the form on the right to request access to the Educators Learning Center. This instructor restricted website includes:

  • Syllabi for EMBA and executive education courses
  • Session outlines. These include suggested case studies, assignments, excel exercises,  possible questions covered in the session, additional readings, real data to show in class, key learning points from the session, websites, etc.
  • PowerPoint Presentations. These presentation slides, contain figures and tables from the book, key points, and summaries in an electronic format that you can customize for your own lectures.
  • Excel Templates are available for spreadsheets featured within the text. Selected additional Excel Applications and Templates are also included, to support participant and instructor preparation of the chapters.
  • Related Web Sites. A list of suggested websites is provided for each session.
  • Data updates. Updated quarterly, this will provide you always up-to-date material to show in your classes.

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