Climate Finance:
Trainings And Workshops

Green Finance and Sustainability

Climate change is no longer an abstract threat to deal with in the future. We are already feeling the devastating economic impacts around the world. How can companies uses financial tools to help deal with the impact of climate change? Our learning solutions provide invaluable knowledge of financial tools to help your organization transition to a lower carbon economy.


  • Keynote speeches
  • Board and senior management education
  • Executive workshops


  • Executive in the financial industry who are interested in learning more about how climate risks can translate into financial risks. 
  • Corporate managers who want to understand the risks, as well as opportunities, associated with climate change and financial markets.
  • Investors who want to educate themselves on climate change and its implications for their portfolios.
  • Executives and members of boards of directors who want to understand the implications of climate change for corporate finance strategies.
  • Regulators, central bankers, and supranational institutions.


  • Identify risks and opportunities that climate change pose to your company and business model
  • Leverage financial instruments to help you in the transition
  • Gain new knowledge of what investors and regulators are looking for
  • Understand the benefits, challenges, and limitations of integrating sustainability as a business strategy to attract funding and investments.
  • Identify ideas that will make a competitive difference for your institution
  • Discover how capital markets players are looking at climate change risks and how it is influencing investors portfolios


Customization is key for the ultimate impact of a learning initiative. Learning solutions are tailored to each organization’s objectives. Content delivery for sustainability, climate and green finance, can range from an intense day, to journeys that mix face-to-face and online components over several months.

Much of the content is based on my experiences working for top executive education providers. I’ve taught in very different settings: large global companies like Shell or Ernst & Young; smaller regional or national audiences; or more focused audiences like the Websummit. Audiences have ranged from 10 to more than 1,000 people. Every experience is unique.

Throughout my years working in executive education, I have worked hard with organizers (HR directors, CLOs and leaders of functional teams) to ensure my content aligns to their objectives. I want the audience to leave an educational event energized and inspired to take action that creates lasting impact.

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