Can financial tools help deal with the impact of climate change?

Climate change is one of the greatest global challenges we face today, and its impact on economic growth and development levels, access to resources, and the quality of human life is immeasurable.

Stakeholders’ expectations are changing given to the real-world impacts of climate change. Climate change poses risks to companies, banks, governments, and investors, but also opens up opportunities.

Understanding the implications of climate change for financial markets and the economy, is nowadays a priority for corporate executives, board members, and investors.

The Guide to Sustainable Finance and Climate Finance

In CLIMATE FINANCE (2023), Professor Nuno Fernandes tackles these sustainable finance topics head on by providing a comprehensive overview of the various facets of sustainability and climate-related financial issues.

This book covers topics and frameworks rigorously, balancing investor and corporate needs. In addition, it also balances practitioner and academic insights. Indeed, the voices of senior executives, investment bankers, board members, regulators, and others, also enliven the book’s six chapters.

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