Book Finance for Executives – The Reference for any Manager

Packed with practical tools, and real-life examples

The book Finance for Executives: A Practical Guide for Managers meets the needs of global executives, both finance as well as non-financial managers. It is a practical and fundamental finance reference book for any manager, as it makes a perfect balance of financial management theory and practice. It focuses on corporate finance concepts from value creation to derivatives, including cost of capital (and WACC), valuation, financing policies, project evaluation, and many other essential finance definitions.

Finance for Executives makes finance simple and intuitive, through the use of real world data (brief company case studies and empirical examples of concepts), Excel financial modelling tools, and practical short chapters.

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Professor Nuno Fernandes' work is the reference book for the desk of ANY manager, as it gives them, in simple yet comprehensive form, the practical explanation behind all the concepts of modern-day finance. I have partnered with Professor Fernandes for many years at IMD, addressing managers of my own company or his MBA students, and I have always appreciated his pragmatic approach to finance management. He undoubtedly has the right profile to put such a reference book together and make it stand out amongst other finance books in the market.

Michel Demaré, Chairman of the Board of Syngenta. Former Chief Financial Officer of ABB, Switzerland

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  • This book has been designed to meet the needs of executives, both finance as well as non-finance managers.
  • The book is packed with real-world examples and mini-case studies to illustrate the concepts.
  • The book includes an Excel toolkit with step-by-step explanations of concrete examples and models. Users can customize the Excel tools to their own requirements.
  • It is a practical book without jargon, complicated math, and non-standard concepts that do not make intuitive sense.
  • The chapters are short and self-contained to appeal to busy executives who are keen on value-added activities. All chapters have Key Learning Points, to aid understanding and application.
  • Material is drawn from both research and practical experience with thousands of executives across the world.
  • The book is recommended by renowned practitioners and academics.