Desk Copy Policy for Professors

Dear Professors,

Examination copies are one of the publisher's greatest expenses. We ask for your cooperation in this effort at ethical cost-reduction.

We have simplified the examination copy policy. Instead of waiting for a print exam copy, we are offering free access to an electronic version of Finance for Executives here. You can also see the full table of contents, introduction, and key focus of the book here.

However, if, after you have viewed the content online, you truly consider adopting the book, please fill in the following form to request a printed exam copy. We of course offer desk copies free of charge to professors who have already adopted the text as required reading for a course.

Doing so will let us send these products only to instructors who are really interested in the book for adoption purposes, and will play a role in containing the costs of textbooks for your students and institution.

Thank you for your help in reducing time, cost, and environmental impact of inspection copies.